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External Blinds

We have a wide variety of external blinds on offer. Contact us now for a free quote.

Automatic Awnings

By fitting Bush's Blinds range of Awnings with Bush's Blinds motor system, operation becomes convenient and efficient, providing you with the comfort and security of continuous protection when you're away from home.

Fixed Awnings

Bush's Blinds wide range of Fixed Awnings and canopies are perfect for patios or commercial spaces where protection from rain, sun or wind is essential.

Folding Arm Awnings

Bush's Blinds Australian designed Folding Arm Awnings are retractable awnings that provide a fashionable extension of your shaded living area.

Pivot Arm Awnings

Pivot Arm Awnings shade the window yet allow the air to flow around it which makes them ideal for those hard to reach windows.

Roller Shutters

Bush's Blinds Roller Shutters provide protection from the heat, glare, noise and cold. They are one of the most complete products on the market providing insulation, security, a modern look and a range of operation options.

Straight Drop Awnings

Bush's Blinds Straight Drop Awnings are perfect for enclosing areas for privacy reasons as well as sun protection.