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Motorising Blinds and Curtains

Control your environment

For the ultimate in innovation, intelligent controls can operate your blinds, curtains, awnings or roller shutters without you having to lift a finger.

You can quickly and simply make your home more comfortable and secure whilst at the same time reducing energy consumption and your home's carbon footprint.

Remote controls

Remote controls come in a range of colours to suit every decor.

Remote controls have a range of up to 200 metres in open space, or around 20 metres through two reinforced concrete walls. You can operate your blinds from anywhere in the home.


Sun sensors will extend your awning, or close your blinds, curtains, roller shutters or venetian blinds when the sun reaches a pre-set intensity. As soon as the sun dissapears, the awning retracts and everything opens.

It's automatic shade for your home!

Also available are wind sensors. When the wind reaches a pre-determined strength, the sensor will retract your awning or sunscreen to help protect it from damage.