Somfy Experts

Here at Bush's Blinds we are your Local Somfy Motor Experts! It is our job to know the ins and outs of all Motors, Offering you the best advice in terms of motorising your window furnishings. 

We can motorise, Roller Blinds, Curtains, Roller Shutters, Awnings, Folding Arms, Roman Blinds and many more, the options are endless! 

Our team can even program your motors into your smart phones using Somfy Connexoon allowing you to control your items anywhere in the world! For the tech savvy household Somfy motors can also be programmed in to Google Home simply say "Hey Google, Close Bedroom Blind" and your blinds will lower without having to get out of bed!






There are three options when It comes to automating your roller blinds:

240V RTS Motors 240V RTS Motors
240V RTS Motors come in two different motor types, Somfy Altus and Somfy Sonesse we define these as Somfy Standard Motors and Silent Motors. The Sonesse Motor is almost silent when in use which is perfect for Bedrooms and quieter areas of the home. 240V Motors require their own 3 Pin 240V Power Socket, this is required to be installed by a qualified electrician, we recommend installing the powerpoint as close to the blind as possible or in the roof space to conceal the leads. At Bush’s Blinds we can also supply the motor tails to the electrician prior to the blinds being installed if they are being wired into a Junction box. Our team can draw you motor maps to help you inform the electrician on what is required or you can put us straight on to one of their team and we can talk them through it. 240V RTS Motors are powered by a remote which can either be wall mounted or transportable which are available in Single Channel (One Motor), Two Channel, Five Channel or Sixteen Channel.
Hardwired Motors Hardwired Motors
Hardwired Motors and Remotes are required to be direct wired in by an electrician, This is older technology and not as popular any more as it proves more costly in Electrical costs. We would recommend looking into the 240V RTS Motors
Rechargeable Motors Rechargeable Motors
Rechargeable Motors are relatively new to the Motorisation Market but they are proving very popular. These motors are extremely cost effective as they do not require an electrician saving you time and money. Rechargeable motors are only required to be charged every 6-12 Months (Depending on Usage) and it as simple as plugging the charger into the motor head overnight and you are good to go! These motors have no exposed leads so they are neat and tidy all year round.




 Motorised Curtain Tracks are perfect for those looking to add glamour to their interior, Motorised curtain tracks have an override option, If you manually pull on the curtain it will activate its motor and continue to move in the direction you pulled.

240V Curtain Tracks 240V Curtain Tracks
240V Motorised Tracks Require a 240V Powerpoint either in the roof space or a general powerpoint on the wall. For reference, There is around 2 metres of flex in the motor cord. Did you know you can install your existing curtains onto the motorised tracks?
Rechargeable Curtain Tracks Rechargeable Curtain Tracks
Rechargeable curtain tracks are only required to be charged every 6-12 months (depending on usage) and are perfect for those looking to save on electrical costs, These tracks can be adapted to your existing curtains!




At Bush's Blinds we highly recommend 240V Motors for all of our Exterior Awnings, We have several motor types which have various functions to be suit the product they are automating. 

Our standard motor installed into our zipscreens, folding arm awnings, and vertiscreens is the Somfy Altus Motor which is inbuilt with Somfy's Radio Receiver and has various strangths depending on the application. 

Specifically designed for Zipscreens Somfys' Oximo Motor which has inbuilt obstacle detection! If there is an item blocking the zipscreen the blind will automatically stop and prevent any damage!



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